Friday, August 18, 2006

Work in Progress Friday!

Wow, so I am actually catching on and posting my first work in progress Friday! How exciting... And yes I do get really excited fairly easily.

So, I have been working on my little sewing kit all week and I finally finished it yesterday (along with other fun gifty things)! I'm so excited about the sewing kit. I used scraps of fabric, cardboard, and glue to make the box and 2-ply wool to execute the crewel work on the lid. I used all split stitch, but I already have another one in the works and it is way more complicated. It uses split stitch, satin stitch, and French knots! Geeze!

I have some good side news too. I was hired to knit a sweater for a yarn company and they are going to pay me and give me free yarn (although I don't get to keep the sweater that I knit for them, but that's okay, I don't really like sweaters made with bulky yarn anyway). I can say that it is 11 skeins of really good yarn in new fall colors and it's going to take 35 hours of knitting and that it's going to be about 1100 yards of yarn to make it and it has to be done in 2 weeks or 1 month.. But if I get it done in 2 weeks they will pay me more! I like more money! So for the next 2 weeks, in the words of Brenda of cast on, I will pick up those "pointy sticks" and "knit, knit like the wind."

I'm also in the midst of designing logos for the quilt block swap blog and crafty leftovers. This is m first try for crafty leftovers, we will see though, I may use it, or I may just play around some more.
Lets see, what else... hmm... I'm working on more sewing kits and am thinking about offering them up for sale for... Well... I'm not sure how much.. I'm going to have to see how long it takes me to make each one.

I am going to put the cabled opera gloves back on the needles soon, I need them done by winter. They will be soooo warm!

I stopped a little after this, I need to figure out the stitch counts for the thumb gusset and the cables and etc... What a pain. I suppose that's what happens when you just make up your own thing and then have to make one the exact same... So it goes.

So, I'm kind of in a tough spot, I'm going out of town this weekend, and I want to take some knitting with me (it helps me to listen and not put my foot in my mouth), but it all of my projects I'm at spots where I need to pay attention and count things... Every single knitting project! How annoying. So I got some yarn for crewel today (off the spool so it was only 50 cents and then I get an employee discount off of that! So really cheap, that's the point, all you out there who I have to justify my expenditures for). Anyway, it's some flax wool and some straight wool, I got about $4 worth. I'm going to make some more art nouveau style sewing kit tops this weekend. I knew there was a good reason I bought that book on art nouveau!

Okay, enough yacking for now, have a good weekend!

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keri said...

good luck with knitting it in two weeks, can you share photos? I'd love to see!