Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here I am!

Oh my, almost a week since my last post! What a travesty! I am almost done with my French class so hopefully things will find a sense of regularity and I will get things back on schedule. Right now my schedule is something like: wake up, drink coffee, do homework, study, go to school, drink coffee, go to work, drink coffee, study and do homework, drink coffee, sleep... And start at the beginning again... I am getting realllllly tired, but it's almost done and it will be worth it because I get to start my advanced French classes this fall, which is so exciting!

Anyway, enough of my moaning, on to more interesting things like: those progress photos of my art project I promised and some updates.

This was my first attempt at weaving
This was later on in the project when I had made 11 others
Here were the first four that I made, the jute string was he hardest to use and I about ripped my fingernails off trying to (unsuccessfully) pack the fibers together.

Here's the finished stack of them without the ends woven in.I made a total of seven blocks and here are six of them in various stages of completion.

This was my test print on illustration board, I wanted to decide on what patterning effect to use.
This vellum is what was used for the light boxes, it is really sturdy and semi transparent, it worked perfectly!And the finished light boxes.
I just wanted to show you some close ups of the textiles, so you could see what the printed images looked like. It was suprising to see what fibers took well to the ink and which ones didn't.

Here is the textile piece in it's totality.

So that is what I spent 4 weeks of my summer doing, it was actually really time consuming, but I did enjoy it. I'm hoping to get into a gallery and sell off the 4 light boxes, but I need to find a proper lighting system for them first, I will keep you posted on that.

So, now it is time for the updates!
Nicole won the drawing over at Crafty Leftovers and she has been sent a package that includes a color copy of the water bottle sling pattern and two skiens of Paton's Decor yarn in Navy and Light Country Blue. Only two people have posted comments on the new pattern, so go make a comment and you will have a good chance of winning! You get a kit for any pattern previously posted! And I pay the postage too, so no cost to you at all.

Another note on Crafty Leftovers: Just so you know, all the patterns are free and you should make them and send me pictures. It will make me happy.

Also, thanks to Sister Diane of Crafty Pod who says that she will mention Crafty Leftovers on her show! Yah!

The August swap is officially underway at Quilt Block Swap and the deadline for the Sept swap is August 27th. There are a lot of really great blocks being made, you should go check them out. I am not personally participating in the swap this month because some admin stuff needs to get done. I am going to come up with some designs for the banner, do some shameless promotion, and write some informative posts on quilting things. For example maybe a short history of quilting, some tutorials on different techniques, maybe some short posts on fiber arts today and in the past, stuff like that. I was think I could do research now and come up with quite a few different ones and then post them periodically (like once every two weeks or so). Anyway, that it the plan, hopefully it goes well.

So now back to the "coffee, homework, coffee, study..." routine.


keri said...

The light-boxes and textiles are just breathtaking, wow!

Jessica said...

Kristin, your light boxes are magnificent. If you cant sell them at a gallery, they would look beautiful in our apartment!! *cough, cough* lol

Kristin said...