Thursday, August 24, 2006

Support a Starving Artist Today!

Well, so I'm thinking about taking the big leap soon into financial independents... scary right. So, why am I telling you all this? Because, I am hoping that, instead of taking out more student loans, I will be able to craft myself to financial independents. So I'm going to publish a little price list here for reference, and if you would like to order something, e-mail me at

Sewing kits: $25 ea (includes needles, pins, thread, and little scissors)

Dish Cloths: 4/$25 or $7 ea

Catnip Pillows: $6 ea

Lavender Pillows: $6 ea
(same as catnip pillows, but filled with lavender instead. Can be warmed up and put in pockets or placed in drawers to keep things fresh)

Water Bottle Sling: $25 ea

Pencil Clutch: $15 ea

Change Purse: $7.50 ea

Orders over $100 get free shipping.

All items are made when ordered, each is unique and handmade. Once your order is placed I will e-mail you about specifications (colors, style, theme, etc).

I'm thinking about offering a Crafty Leftovers Kit of the Month subscription.
It would be $15 a month and you would get your choice of a knitting or a sewing pattern.
Each kit would include enough to make two of the pattern, a copy of the pattern, and a little suprise. Let me know if you are interested.

Help support a starving artist! Order something for yourself and your friends!

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keri said...

that is a really good idea, and such good prices too! I've been eyeing one of your pen holders but I need to stick to a budget for know. When it's up you'll be the first person I email =) I see you're gathering quite a following with your crafty leftovers, that's awesome!