Tuesday, August 29, 2006

School is a starting!

Really quick an update:
One more week to be entered into the drawing at crafty leftovers for a kit.
The September Swap over at Quilt Block Swap has closed, please email me if you would like to enter the October Swap.
My new gallery site is being worked on and should be up and running in a couple months, I just bought the domain, so it now has a home.
Work is also well underway on new business cards and I am going to start putting out a bi-annual catalog that will correspond with my new gallery site.

On to other things....

So today was the second day of class. I am, so fair, excited about them all... I have one tonight, but other than that I have been to them all and met all of my teachers. Time will tell, but so far I like them.

I am taking:
Advanced French grammar and composition
Introduction to Sculpture
3-D forms in fiber with an concentration on site specific work (yea! More fun outside)
India and Southeast Asian art history
Painting II

Because it is really my 4th painting class and not my second I am going to ask if I can take it as an independent study.... Hopefully he will let me, but I have not met this professor yet, except a brief "make sure you lock the cabinet when you are done" type meeting in the painting studio. We will see how it goes... I am being made to get two new sketch books (one for sculpture and one for fiber)... Like they really need to make me. I actually needed to buy a new one anyone because my primary one is almost finished.

For my sculpture class I'm thinking about making a bunch of casts of little 6 inch trees and then put them all together so they support a book.... We will see, I need to develop it more....

For my site specific work I really have no idea....

For painting if he lets me do an independent study I want to further explore the theme of my work over the summer... More organic forms, more taking pictures outdoors... Hopefully I will be able to tie it in with the site specific work....

My plan is that throughout all of my classes I maintain the same theme that I explored this summer so that way I will have a large enough body of work to 1) put in a portfolio and 2) fill a gallery space so I can have a solo show.

I also have some good news outside of school! It is okay with my new landlords that I keep my ferret (Mr b or Mr beuler as I call him) so Jason brought him back out this way and I am staying in this apartment for another year! Woo! I am so excited and happy beyond words!

I will leave you on that happy note!

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