Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ahhh.... a nice sigh of relief...

Well kind of a nice sigh of relief. I am finally getting caught up in life and should be all settled in for the semester (it only took me the first four weeks to do so). I am going to have the sweater finished tonight (fingers crossed) or tomorrow. I stretched and gessoed 3 canvases for a new series that I'm going to start working on. Deb (my first customer) received her order and says that it is wonderful... Which is a wonderfully nice thing to say and I am so happy she liked everything. I'm making my very first coil/wrapped basket which is exciting also. I'm going to try some plant dying next weekend and am collecting some basic supplies for it. So basically I have a lot of really neat stuff going on... But the bad news.... My internet is down...I am yet again spending some time at panera. So it goes I guess. I am going to call Comcast on Monday and hopefully get everything squared away.

I will post a picture of the sweater (if I get permission from the yarn company to do so) and a picture of Deb's order that I sent to her when I get them off my camera.

Have a good weekend (what's left of it anyway)!

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keri said...

I love panera! =)

Glad to see your home and getting settled back in.