Monday, September 18, 2006

No pictures again!

Alright, so I'm really slacking off pictures.... but I was so excited I had to say something about it. First of all, I recieved some fabric from Deb, that's right, she pays me to make stuff for her, and then sends me a craft care package with the check! The best customer ever! Also, I came home today and there were packages waiting for me.... I love that! I finally recieved my priority mail boxes (in two sizes), which will make sending things way easier. Secondly, I also recieved the fabric that I ordered! I am going to test dye some swatches on sunday with onion skins! I've been wanting to do this forever and am really excited. Cross your figures for me that it turns out okay. I ordered two different types of fabric. One is a linen plain weave organic hemp/cotton blend and the other is a organic cotton fine twill... they are both wonderful and I can't wait to work with them, I am almost afraid to cut them, but I will!

That's all for now! Have a good night!

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