Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The trip back to sanity....

So to travel back to sanity I must have at one point gone insane.... this week was deffinately it. Not only was there the "oh you will only have to work 12-16 hours a week (aka more like 35)" but there was the "it's the first two weeks of school and all the professors had nice vacations and are all geared up to dish out rediculous amounts of homework" and the side projects and the going out of town for 4 days. I think I was already over booked and when I went out of town it just made it worse. It didn't help that it wasn't the most relaxing trip ever, in fact it was downright stressful. Also I became really sick on the plane so on the way home I took some motion sickness meds which helped, but they also made me pass out for two days straight, I'm honestly still feeling really loopy from it.... So hopefully, by Monday, I will get on top of all the things that are going on and get some free time to work on things I would like to work on... like my new product line. That's right you heard me. It's going to be pretty simple at first and you guys will be the first to get the details on it. We are hoping to debut the online store by December 2006 (well that is what I'm hoping for) and that is when you will get to see what I have been working on! Wee!

So after being so whiney I thought I would give you some good news:
1. I finally got a studio space at school so I'm going to start painting more on my own.
2. It waited to rain until just now, and I'm done riding my bike for the day so it can rain it's heart out.
3. I am home and don't have to go anywhere for a couple weeks so I can get some stuff done.
4. A new pattern will be posted over at crafty leftovers tomorrow night and I will announce two winners! (so go post a comment saying, "I would like to be entered into the drawing" by tomorrow night and you will get a free kit).
5. I am almost done with the sweater for the yarn company.
6. Return to Normality Fest, fall '06 is underway!

I think I'm going to start posting on a schedule so I don't forget to post or post so much that it is more quantity and not quality. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday would be good because those are my least hectic days. Monday will be "Finished Projects Day" (that I finished over the weekend) and Friday will be "WIP Day," with Wednesday as the off topic update and general rambling post. And don't worry, I will be sure to have a lot of general rambling on Mondays and Fridays too!

Well have a good week! Happy Crafting and what not!


keri said...

Glad to have you back, and hope you're feeling better soon and back on track! =)

Deanna said...

I was starting to think I'd have to walk to DeKalb to make sure you're still alive!