Sunday, September 03, 2006

Every day this week is my birthday!

To warn you, the pictures are random and have nothing to do with anything.

Okay, so I have felt so completely spoiled this week! I am feeling like a real artist and it's going to my head. First of all there is the hiring by the yarn company to knit a sweater, an order for some of my handmades by a dear friend, and a portrait commission that is finally being finished up. I'm working on deadlines, doing research, getting stuff in the mail, making plans for my business, it is so much fun! I mean, it's a lot of work, too much work, but I love it, it makes me so happy. I just received my tax number in the mail and registered my business Kristin.Roach.Originals and although tax law is a bit overwhelming, it's all very exciting. Anyway, I'm also feeling like I am in a book a day club or something because for the past week everyday I have had a package waiting for me. Friday the mail man brought me The Artist's Handbook for Materials and Techniques and my workbook for my french class and The Painter's Handbook. Yesterday Vegitarian Meals for People-On-the-Go came and I plan on trying out some recipes today... they have a very yummy looking avacado/potato dish that would make a perfect lunch.

I also recieved the yarn...the lushious yarn! And some coffee and the money for my commissions should be coming in soon from a couple different places, which is exciting because I'm going to take it and put it back into my business. I'm going to be getting some business cards and brochures printed soon (by the end of the month) and I am looking for wholesale suppliers for fabric and yarn... which means that I'm going to be getting a ton of swatches in the mail over the next couple weeks (which is better than getting a bag of candy in the mail, for me anyway). I have some ideas running through my head, but it is a secret... and you all know how bad I am with those so I am not even going to go into it at all. But it is going to be great.

I'm organizing my life around making a living from what I love to do and it is so exciting. I just need to make it viable by the time I graduate so I can pay for all those student loans.

Wish me luck!

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keri said...

What fun, how exciting for you! =)

Hey tea swap 2 just opened, and I had to join, are you?