Thursday, September 28, 2006

Post of Craftness past... and future....

Okay okay, so this is it folks, I am going to attempt to play catch up on all the "I will post this when I have internet" pictures. I have internet now so, here they are!

Here is a two in one picture. It is both the sweater that I knit for Catalina Yarns and my cabled gloves that I finally got around to blocking! (the image is kind of skewed, sorry about that).
Here is Mr B during his morning freakout and run around time.

Here is what Deb ordered (three sewing kits, 4 dish cloths, and one catnip pillow).

Here's a thumbnail of a painting that will be up for sale in my online store in the spring, don't you wish you could see the rest of it?

I cast on for my cardigan today! Here is what it will look like, but I'm using not so bulky yarn so it will be more delicate and it will be a merlot wine type of red and not orange.

So, in other news, I'm seriously considering quitting my job at the art store for reason I will not send off into cyber space.

Anyway, so my hope is that I will do fill in work for the Yarn Exchange and Encore to make up the pay I will be losing from cutting my hours (I'm not going to quit cold turkey, I do have bills to pay). I am also hoping to support myself though my art/handy work.... Fingers crossed.

If you are interested in ordering a sewing kit, catnip pillow, dish cloth, or pencil clutch, just email me for a price list, now would be a good time, it would help my confidence a whole lot.

Have a good Thursday!


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keri said...

everything looks great, I really love the color of the sweater.

Can you email me a pricelist? My b-day's coming up and I may have a little cash to spare =)