Sunday, September 24, 2006

Done and Done!

Haha! I finished! What did I finish? the sweater of course, I actually finished it two nights ago and blocked it and sent it out yesterday morning. I took pictures... but I can't find the cord that hooks up my camera to my computer, so no pictures, again.... dang it! Oh well.

I had big plans this weekend to try out some natural dyeing, but I have a research project, a presentation, and article summaries all due tomorrow, so unfortunately that takes presidence.... dang it again.

I have decided that I am going to spend the morning organizing my art stuff and cleaning in general, it should be good. It's another dreary day and I really just want to sit around and knit and drink tea, but that will have to wait until winter break in december.

I'm planning a trip to Chicago for this student association group called Ars Nova. We are going to spend the day putsing around at the cultural center, which happens to have some really interesting stuff going on Oct 13/14 and maybe hop over to the Museum of Contemporary Photography, then on to the MCA to check out the Massive Change exhibit and then the performance that kind of goes along with it at 7:30pm, then back to dekalb. It should be pretty good. I'm going to talk to the MCA about group discounts. I hope people come.... I hope there is nothing big going on at NIU that weekend.

Oh, that posting schedule I kind of perposed a bit ago... Monday, Wednesday, Friday, will take effect after 1) I get the internet 2) I find my camera data transfer cord

Have a good weekend.

p.s. - I almost forgot! I posted two new patterns on Crafty Leftovers, a drawing will be held in four weeks for a winner. Also, the quilt block swap deadline is almost up, so sign up by the Sept 27th to join the October swap!

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Deanna said...

I think the MCA offers discounted student admission...but a group discount might be even less.

Can I tag along on your field trip? Man, I miss school.

(And my boss just came up behind me as I was typing this. Shit.)