Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Picture Day!

Okay, so, today is my picture day. I am going to load this post up!

I went to a junk sale the other day with Jason and this is what I found.

Not only are the books just great looking, but I have actually been wanting to do a raglan sweater and this little book is perfect, they have it for all sizes gauges and what nots! And the green little book is actually a book on Amazon head hunters! There are all these crazy pictures in there and I'm sure most of the info is out of date and ridiculous because it is about 40+ years old, so it should be fun to look through (if not a little disturbing).

Here are my "I finally finished a project and I will show you a picture later" from a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool huh? I made up the pattern myself too! They are going to be great for riding my bike when it starts to cool down a bit.

I received half of the payment for knitting a sweater for the yarn company today. I'm going to knit this sweater with it. I haven't decided on buttons yet though.

That is totally going to be me this winter, looking cute and sophisticated in my little red hand knit sweater..... Ah... Alpaca and silk, the perfect marriage.

The yarn that I'm knitting the company's sweater with is super nice! It's a color that hasn't come out yet and it just happens to be one of my favorite colors! How exciting right. Too bad I don't get to keep it. So it goes. It's worth it though... I like working for cash and yarn, if I could make a living doing this I would!

This is the bug that has been invading my home. He(She) is only about 1/8 inch long and really isn't much of a threat... So I thought...... But then they got into my clothes and under my bed... I really don't like the idea of "bed bugs," I brought out the raid and now they are pretty much gone.

I made an smock last weekend and here she be!
So I look a little frumpy in this picture, and I may look like I am either sleep deprived or on drugs, but whatever, just don't look at me too much okay. It's actually pretty cute. I'm thinking about doing top stitching around the trim... But I haven't decided.

My little squirrel buddy that is always outside of my window is throwing a huge fit! He's be squeaking and cackling for the last 15 mins straight... I feel kind of bad for the little guy, he must be pretty stressed out.

Well, I think that covers everything! Have a good labor day weekend!


Deanna said...

Those gloves are pretty sweet.

I bought knitting needles today, and some cheap yarn to practice with. Aren't you proud?

keri said...

Wow, I can't belive you made that pattern yourself, it's so pretty with the cableing, and you're so brave to make it with fingers. Did you do icord fingers? I saw a tutorial and thought it looked pretty cool.