Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Woo! What a relief! I just turned in my last two papers and finished up most of the big stuff on my sculptures. One more week of school and it will be pretty tame, it's so nice to be close to finished. I'm actually looking forward to finals week because I don't actually have any exams, and I really only have two final crits that week so basically I just need to sew and paint a whole lot.... I like that. I do that anyway. I will be posting a new crafty leftovers pattern tomorrow night so be looking for it.

Sorry no pictures today, I moved them all to my external hard drive without even thinking about it... Nothing new anyway. Tomorrow though I will have some pictures of the yarn I dyed on Monday. It is finally dry.

Tonight: more painting, more sewing, typing up an artist statement, printing some business cards, and matting more paintings for the show this weekend... So much fun! Too much for just me... nah... Just the right amount.

Have a good night!

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