Tuesday, February 06, 2007

birds of a feather flock together

...or something like that. Point is, I made another little bird! I thought the boys needed a lady friend. She does have a little catnip in her belly and will go play with Molly later next week. I changed my mind about selling them as cat toys.... the idea of it kind of cracks me up now. Before I was a little horrified to have the little birdies in a cat's vicious claws. I guess after making two I got over it and realized that although they have their own personalities, they won't come back to haunt me if they split a seam.

Here is some shots of just her:

Okay so something pretty fricking cool happened yesterday! My other blog Craft Leftovers was mentioned on the Craftzine blog! I've had something like 500 hits in the last day! That's more than I usually get in a whole month. I know it's not going to last more than a couple of days, but for the time being it makes me feel pretty neat. The same post, the reusable tea bag along with the needle wrap, was also mentioned on the CraftyPod blog too! Thanks sister D! What the heck am I going to make this week that will make people want to come back.... too much pressure! I guess, just what I was planning on making, no reason to change it really. I just hope you all like it!

Oh yeah, another neat thing that I've been doing, related to school, is a woven tapestry based on an ancient culture. I chose the Anatolians for as my research topic and developed this pattern for my kilim tapestry. We had to do something based on their weaving tradition.
There won't be any grid lines in the finished product, they are just there to help me know what I'm supposed to be weaving. It's going to be about 4" x 6." I am going to use naturally dyed wool for the weft to better reflect on the culture's traditions. I have some walnuts left over from the sock yarn, so I figured I would use that. I'll show you pictures when it's finished.

Another school related: I've been cranking out about 12 little color studies every week since the first week of school and now have 50! It's not nearly enough.... I've decided that there needs to be enough to cover all the walls of a gallery and I think it will be my senior show... or a show this fall, which ever comes first. I'll take a picture when I go into the studio tonight. I'm also making a lot of progress on the endangered species project and have made some headway with the printing technique I'm using. I almost have the results that I want. I'll take pictures of that too. I'm shooting for a show for those works at the end of the summer... maybe at the botanical center in Chicago. Maybe I could donate them and they could auction them off to help with their conservation program... hmm... that might be good to look into.

Well, I need to get some rest before I head to work, I feel so fricking sick right now. Have a good day!

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noble said...

it is so nice to see that your are still as crafty as ever. I love your projects and truly appreciate your creativity.
keep on keeping on
your old pal...