Sunday, February 25, 2007

Leger Opening

Haha, it's offical, I'm cursed when it comes to showing my work. I did at least get to the qc and hang my work in the gallery. But it snowed.. oh it snowed and sleated and snowed and rained and thundered and sleated some more and froze. Everything is frozen. The power went out in about 50% of the town. So needless to say the only people who showed up were the artists and their significent others, including mine! He was really great. He took a ton of pictures of the set up and was really supportive. Ah I like that guy so much. Anyway, my parents and my sister showed up. In fact my sister bought a painting which is really great. So I bought a small piece from one of the other artists. It's a little vintage suitcase with a painted picture on the front. Unfortunately, the liner in it is crappy and smells really bad, so I'm going to reline it with some swanky vintage fabric. I will post a picture when it's swankdified.

Here are the pictures that Jason took while I was setting up:

The guy in this photo is the gallery owner, he's Charles or Chuck.

Generic set up photos:

A lot of these are of me standing there thinking "is this level?" And here it is all set up:

Overall it went really well and because of the crudy weather and the power outage we are having a re-opening on March 10th, 6-9pm. I will get there around 8:30 though because I have to work. Anyway, my battery is about to go so I will end this post here. Have a great night!


keri said...

Wow - how exciting, everything looks fabulous! Wish I was a little closer so I could go see it in person.

Tammy said...

Oh man!! I was wondering about the weather when I saw the news last night. I instantly thought about you and the show, but I did not speak it out loud!!