Monday, October 02, 2006


Oh boy! It's Monday! Woot.... I guess.... Anyway, I have internet on a regular basis now so I am going to attempt to keep to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting plan. I unfortunately don't have any pictures to show today because my weekend was totally unproductive.... Ha! I'm lying. I actually got a lot of stuff done, I just lost my camera cord again so pictures of current stuff will have to wait until later.... Like when I find the dang thing, it has to be around here somewhere.

So I started on a new Crafty Leftovers project that will be posted on this Friday... So no seeing that until then anyway. I also knit up a whole bunch of inches on my newest sweater, I'm almost to the shoulder shaping and I just started last Thursday! I played with some stuff called clayboard.... I think I really like it, but it reminds me of hotpressed illustration board, which I realize is totally different, but I think I will go with the illustration board all the same because it is a whole lot cheaper. I did do a bunch of pen and ink drawings of eyes and a skull and a shrimp and I think I will take them all and collage them into one big work.

I also made a template up for my sewing kits and a price list, but I need to make up the 2 other templates and add some pictures before I send it out. Let me know if you would like to be on my mailing list.

Oh the new swap just started at Quilt Block Swap, the deadline for the November swap is October 27th... You should sign up! Also, all the just made blocks should be coming in over the next couple of days... Hopefully... So be sure to check those out.

I found a picture of a nowise work in progress, here are the fabric swatches that I dyed the iterate.... I used fiber reactive dyes, just for fun. I really like the bold colors, although I'm looking forward to the onion skin dying that is in the near future... I prepared the fabric and yarn, prepared the dye stuff, and totally forgot to buy the enamel pot.... So I will hopefully get to it on Wednesday and have pictures to post on Friday. We will see how it goes.

Have a crafty week!

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keri said...

they are really neat looking and I love the colors.