Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fiber Stuff

Well I've finally started weaving in my weaving class. It took us the first 2 weeks to make our lap looms, but now we are off to a running start... doing plain weave. Which is okay, good practice, but I really can't wait until next week when we start doing tapestry stitches.

Here is my little loom, isn't it swell? I think so. I have done the first inch of weaving on it with 4 rows of twining to get things off to a good start. It's actually a two harness loom which is really nice, makes things go a lot faster than they did this summer. If only I had known, but I suppose now I do!

Also, that sock that I started knitting around the time of the last post is also making some headway. The cuff is actually about half way done! I'm very excited, I hope I actually finish the pair. I think I will though, there is a bit more motivation because it is yarn I dyed myself and I want to be able to wear them around and say "look what I made! Isn't this neat!?"

I was feeling a bit down and then realized that it was January and I was most likely feeling the winter blues. So I bought myself a pretty plant! Pink pedals and everything, she brightens up my apartment.

And good news all the more! I recieved another order this morning! So the first one wasn't just a freak acciedent after all! That is exciting. I'm working on a new type of catnip toy, hopefully by next weekend there will be a few for sale. This weekend I'm going to put up some more items for sale, I will post an update on the blog if I do.

Oh on a sad note, I'm going out of town tomorrow afternoon so there will be now Craft Leftover pattern this week. I'm very sad about this, I really like doing them every week. I think I'm just going to have to work on those submission guidelines to help fill in the weekends I can't write one. Or I might just have a once a month scheduled off weekend for out of town purposes.

Anyway, I'm super tired and still need to pack so I better head out. Have a good night!

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