Monday, January 22, 2007

Sketchity Sketch Sketch

I've been doing a whole lot of sketching lately... which is usually followed by a fury of making new things... so hopefully that will come soon. In the meantime I thought I would show you what I have been brainstorming about.
Here are some quick little doodles about the Craft Leftover Pattern layouts.... but I'm starting to think that maybe I will put 5 patterns into each book so that way I can actually make some money on printing them. It's about $4.50 to print a 4 pager, but only about $5.50 to do more around 12, so I figure I will just do more patterns in the one mini book. They are what will be included in the kits. So it will be good for both the people who buy the pattern/kit and for myself, because I will not have to order say 5 mini books of 5 different patterns up front.

Guess what I'm going to be making more of? This is the general sketch... I will be working out the details in later pages ++like size, material lists, cost vs price++ that kind thing. I am hoping to have a few ++or at least one++ finished by the weekend to put up for sale in the etsy shop. You guys/ladies gave me such a positive response that it seemed like something that would be good to make a bunch of. Not to mention that I really enjoyed making it ++ I'm sure after the tenth one it will not be sooo exciting, but hopefully I will keep up the interest. Oh that reminds me. I'm also working on a set of more affordable sewing kits to put up for sale, I think those will be done in 2 weeks, maybe less.

I went a little nutty with the ocean life books and have been doing quite a few sketches of those as well... here are three of them.

I think I'm going to cast on a sock today to take to class with me... I'm starting to get that yansy feeling in my fingers. I'm finally going to knit up that yarn that I dyed with walnuts before Christmas.... I will post pictures, I'm really excited. I'm going to try a variegated walnut/lettuce sock yarn next, I need to get some lettuce and some wax linen thread first. I'm shooting for next week for that. I'm thinking about 8 skiens worth. Two for a friend, two for me, and maybe just maybe four to sell. We will see how it goes, I will keep you posted.

That is all for today, I need to finish my reading for that said class that I will be taking the sock too. Have a good one!

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keri said...

Loved seeing your sketches, you are very talented!