Friday, January 19, 2007

Hi there

Well well well.... so I tried to add a list of the patterns into the sidebar of craft leftovers tonight and did something or other to the template and now it looks really screwy and I may end up having to redo the whole thing, not too hard, but still annoying. So I'm really sorry about the mess I left over there but I am experiencing some technical difficulties (aka I only have very basic html skills and have no idea what to look for).

The good news is that I did post a new pattern tonight and you can go check it out here... just scroll down and you can get to the pattern, just nevermind all the text garble at the top.

Here is a little preview shot, it's a needle wrap.
I will also be adding some new felted dishcloths to the shop tomorrow so you should go check that out as well.

Now that the first week of school is over I have some things to report. I love my classes, but they will be nuts. And my last day at the Village Commons Bookstore will be this Thursday.... and that is the only day I have left to work too. I'm so relieved, it's been really stressing me out. It will be nice to only have one job for once. And this semester I won't be required to get up earlier than 8:30! That's a first in I don't know how long. It's a good thing that things will be more open for me because I am going to need a ton of studio time. I'm taking two painting classes, weaving, and an advanced art history class. It will be fun though. I will post some pictures of what I am working on in the studio as it comes up... I'm supposed to get 2 paintings done a week, so it will come up a lot.

I better get off to bed, lots of stuff to do tomorrow, it's my first day off work since new year's!


Anonymous said...

A needle holder! Genius! And so pretty too!! Go Kristin!

keri said...

I really like the needle holder pattern!

Anonymous said...

I really like this project -but then, I already told you that ;)