Friday, January 05, 2007

Stuff and Junk

Exiting news! There is a new pattern up on Craft Leftovers! Here is a picture of it, live long a prosper! I will be posting new patterns every Friday from here on out. How cool is that.I cut all the pieces for my mock up of the pants I'm going to make really soon out of the denim and corduroy.
I found this really neat hat out in the yard. I thought it might belong to someone, so I left it all day... and then I came home from work the next day and it was raining and so I took it home. I don't think I will wear it though because I don't know where it was. But it will be awesome in still lives and other prop type things. Although on the off chance of someone knowing: Does anyone know a good way to clean it... just in case I would like to wear it sometime... maybe.
This is what the little circular strip of fabric turned into, cool huh? I wore it over a blouse and it was très chique!
And here is my pink panther in Chartre! Bon soir!


keri said...

How neat, your pattern is really creative! I've never heard of crocheted fingerless mitts before (now if only I could crochet! =)

Kristin said...

If you ever swing by dekalb, i would totally teach you... and we could drink some tea too.