Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey Y'all

So guess what guess what guess what!? I received my very first order through etsy today!
And a friend of mine bought two catnip pillows from me today as well. It's so exciting. I've sold 4 things in as many days.

I also received a thank you/care package from one of the quilt block swap members. It had coffee, hot chocolate, and sock yarn in it! How sweet is that. She even told me I was a good quilt block swap mom. It totally made my day. I was kind of feeling down about the qbs too because of how rough it was getting things together for the January swap. Not to mention that 5 different people haven't gotten blocks even though they sent theirs out. It's just frustrating. But now I can sip hot chocolate or coffee and knit a bit to relax. It totally perked me up about the whole thing. I still can't believe I've been hosting it for 7 months now, 8 including the December month that we took off. So thank you Tammy, you are a serious sweetie.

Another thing about the quilt block swap is that we have had odd number members just about every month so I have been sitting out, which I think is effecting my moral because I am just admin now instead of an active member. So hopefully, in Feb we will have an even number and i can make and receive some blocks and work a bit on my own quilt.

Another neat thing that is going on and that I'm going to enter into the Upcycling contest at etsy. Only a couple days to do some upcycling.... which is actually kind of funny because that is pretty much what I am all about anyway. I really just had to choose which item I wanted to submit. Upcycling is the whole premise of Craft Leftovers. I decided on the little sewing kits I make out of scrap fabric, yarn, and mat board. All things that would normally get thrown out, but instead I make them into something to use. That is what upcycling is. I guess the term was coined in the book From Cradle to Cradle, which I actually read last summer... or maybe it was the fall. Anyway, it's a good book, you should read it.

I'm going to let you all go and stop blabbing on and get to work on those sewing kits. They will most likely go up on the 13th. I will post an update.

Oh yeah. Also, I will be putting some dishcloths up for sale around the 13th too. Be looking for it. And I put some more bookmarks and catnip pillows into the store tonight.

Have a good night!


keri said...

Hmm that's really interesting, I had no idea what upcycling means. Makes you think about where every little bit of things are going!

Zann said...

Kristin -- Good for you on the sales; things will definitely pick up. I'm going over there to Etsy right now & check it all out. Get well soon -- you're a great QBS leader and inspiration...I check your blog often. Thanks for all the great tips & upcycling info.
Keep up the good work!

Kristin said...

I really like the idea of upcycling, but then again I think it makes me more prone to be a pack rat. Thanks for your encouragement. It means tons to me.