Monday, October 09, 2006

Dye ahoy!

Alright, so exciting stuff is going to happen. I just order some mordants for plant dyeing and am going to try it out later this week (if it comes in time to work with it). I will be using Walnut hulls and dyeing some more organic fabric and yarn. This time though I'm going to try some wax relief too.

Here are shot I took the other day with Jason. It was a lot of fun.

Well okay, I lied, only the second picture was taken when I was shooting with Jason, the other images are from my site that I am going to be doing an instillation piece at, or for you art people out there it will actually be a site specific instillation dealing with secluded/private space and it's impact on the seeds of ideas.... yep.

The rest of this past weekend was mainly spent doing research for my south east Asian art history paper, which was actually really enjoyable, but no pictures of that. I also hung 75 Ars Nova Art and Craft fair call for vendors flyers with my friend, which took a good hour or so. Tonight I have been winding red thread around plaster casts of spools of thread. It's for a sculpture project I'm working on. I was hoping to get it done tonight, but I was only able to get 14 wound out of the 45+ that I have to do... yikes and this is due on Thursday? I'm definitely feeling a time crunch.

Did I mention I love fall by the way. I like sitting here with my laptop, cup of tea, and a sweater around me. Love it!

It is supposed to snow on Thursday though and I'm really not so fond of that.

Have a good week!

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keri said...

what pretty pictures!

Fall is my favorite season too.