Friday, October 06, 2006

Found and Found!

Well I finally found my cord to my camera and it's a good thing too, I needed to take some more pictures for an art project and it was full with no way to get what I had on there off! So I'm just going to show you what I was working on today and then on Monday I will do a backlog post (which is pretty much me out in the park having fun! I love this time of year, the colors are great!)

Okay so today's overall running project what my first shot at dying with onions. I thought that I was just going to get some really faded browns, but instead they dyed up into khaki, rust, yellow and a lush, well, so mop cotton isn't the best thing to try to dye so it just kind of looks like a dirty mop. The wool, linen, and cotton twill were great though. With the dirty mop cotton, well I'm going to make it into a rug, so it won't look dirty when it really is! Ha!

Here it is in the dye bath. It kind of looks like a spaghetti soup or something.

Then, my crafty leftovers project that I've been working on, well, wasn't working because I didn't have enough stuffing! RAH! So I made this instead, which is great, because I really needed a new wallet and I like this a whole lot more than any of that fake snake skin junk they have been selling. The pattern is up and posted over at Crafty Leftovers along with more pictures. Go Make One! (and send me a picture of it!)

I also whipped up some catnip pillow for Jason's cat Molly (she's my lovely little lady). And also his friend's mom wanted two, so I guess that's kind of an order, I am getting paid for them, so yeah! Go me!

And then, another really neat thing that happened today was that I got my hands on a paper display from the art store I work at (correction, the art department in a bookstore that I work at). Anyway, they are normally, well, out of my price range to say the least, and I was able to get it for $16! My studio is so much more uncluttered and the main thing is that I can see all of the paper/things that I have because they are not berried in stacks of other things! Neat-O-Tastic!....2006!

It already looks right at home and when I took the picture it was only here for an hour! Oh, and here's a close up of the drawings on the wall. I've been doing some pen drawings from just random stuff laying around and I'm going to make them into a larger piece once I do a enormous amount of them, but that will take at least another week... At least... Maybe more.

And yes, I do have random skulls and eyes laying around... well at work anyway.

Have a good weekend, hopefully I am productive the next two days as I have been today!

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