Monday, October 23, 2006


Okay, so I was planning on a longer post but I have had a bit of a crisis: I went to officailly drop my french class and they won't let me! It turns out that I missed the withdraw deadline by less than 48 hours! So now I am in French again and have to finish my homework tonight for class tomorrow morning! plus study for my art history exam! I am appealing my case to the dean on Thursday, but until I find out for sure I need to do my homework! So ugh! I was looking forward to less stress and instead I find myself full of it! I am not going to be able to post on Wednesday because of cramming, but will on Friday. Sorry! Have a good week, I sure hope mine gets better.

editted in: So I have stopped freaking out and realized that I wouldn't normally start working on my french homework until today anyway, so really not so bad. Also, I think I'm just going to stick it out. This semester has flown by so I'm sure the rest of it will as well..... and something that made me emencely happy. I checked in on a craftster post I did awhile ago on crafty leftovers and check this out... someone made my pattern! and it was their first sewing pattern! And they still understood how to make it! How exciting/encouraging! Okay, so back to homework... I just didn't want everyone thinking that my life was all doom and gloom today. I guess, this not being able to withdraw from french class must have happened for a reason. Have a good week!

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keri said...

eeek, good luck!