Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still Lost... dang!

Okay, so I still cannot find my camera cord. I honestly have not had much time to look though. In fact I do not have much time to post right now, so I will just do a quick update.

I have fallen into full swing of being V.P. of Ars Nova and have been organizing and getting things done, it's all very exciting. We are going to go to the MCA Chicago for the Super Vox performance along with the massive change exhibit. We will also be checking out the cultural center. I am organizing a Spring Ars Nova Book Sale to fund a two day trip to Art Chicago in the Sping. We are going to start collecting books now, so if anyone wants to donate some drop me an email and I can get you an address to send them to. I am also cordinating a Knit In to knit a bunch of red sweaters for the Red Sweater project! It will hopefully be in collaboration with the LGBT group here at NIU (I just emailed them and haven't heard back yet) and the local yarn shop (one of the workers, two including myself, have volunteered to help teach people how to knit!) and I'm hoping to borrow some needles from them too. I'm very excited, I've been wanting to knit for this project for a long time. Anyway, lots of great stuff happening. I do have my first French Exam tomorrow, which isn't so bad except the translation part! English to French is the hardest and we will have to do a whole paragraph! no dictionary either!

I'm hoping to finally dye stuff this Friday and have everything all ready, I just need to buy an enamel pot, which I just have not had the time to do. I will post pictures when I'm done, and I find my cable.

A New Crafty Leftover pattern is going up Friday so keep your eyes peeled (most likely late Friday).

Well have a good week!

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