Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday time!

Well don't you just love those days where you have that "what am i doing in my life and why?" question running through your head all day? It's good I realize, but what an inconvenient time to have a day where there was no avoiding self evaluation.... and evaluate I did.... Nothing too crazy, just making actual decisions on things that have been in my mind for awhile now. To sum up the whole thing: I am an artist and I just need to stop denying it/making "rational" career back-up plans.

So I have decided to embrace it, which is exciting. So how am I embracing it? I'm only going to get a minor in art history instead of a duel degree... plus I am only going to take 3 years of french instead of getting a minor. By doing this I will finish my undergrad in a year instead of two... and the last year I will only need to take 3 classes over the course of two semesters. Which means that I can concentrate on getting my portfolio ready to apply to grad school. And this means that I will be able to finally make the final push to an MFA in Art Theory and Practice... which is, after all what I really want in my life. I'm looking into the program at Northwestern University.... but they only have 12 students in the program at a time and I'm hoping that I can cut it. I know I can, but I don't know if they will know I can.

Also, depending on Jason and other things like jobs and what not, I may move closer to the Chicago area next summer, which I feel is also a move in the right direction, it depends also on where Jason is able to find a job. But still, out of DeKalb is good I think.

Why was yesterday and today an inconvenient time for this? Because I have an essay due tomorrow in my Advanced French Grammer and Composition class.... so it goes. Life does these things.

Anyway, with all this self-evaluation, I wasn't able to take pictures of my work, so progress photos will have to wait until Wednesday.

I will also let you all in on how the Chicago trip went as well.

Have a good day tomorrow!

ps - thank you so much for the super nice, making my day comment and emails that I received over the weekend, they really made me feel better about working towards being a full time artist and an in general crafty person! Thank you!

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keri said...

eek big changes are scary aren't they? But moving in the right direction feels good. Best of luck and I'm pulling for you.