Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here is more of me loving this time of the year. I rode by the "secret garden" (this woman sets stuff out from her garden on a picnic table and you just leave money in the coffee can). I love it by the way, I get all of my fresh tomatoes, asparagus, zucchini, green peppers, and now gords from her. Only 10 to 25 cents each. I was so excited. Can I really eat these though? Or are they strickly ordimental... I have no idea, if anyone does, let me in on it. Also, with more dyeing escapades close at hand I decided that I'm going to make photo references for all of my dye stuff collecting. Like an identifier source book. I did make swatch cards for what I dyed the other day and wrote my process down in case I want to get similar colors again. I'm going to make a source card for the onions too. I will write on it where I can get it, what colors I have gotten with what fabric/yarn and mordants. With stuff collected out in the wild (only stuff that is all over the place) I will make identifier cards with photo references, where I have found it, what colors with what fabric and mordants. I figure it will be a good reference for my area because every area is different after all. And lord knows I'm not going to remember where I got half the stuff. Anyway, these are the pictures that are going into the book.

I also just bought some iron, tin, and copper mordants from The Woolery and am hoping to receive them later this week and will try them out over the weekend. My professor said that I could use the school's facilities as long as this other girl Michelle (which just happens to be my middle name) is there. It's understandable because this is my first fiber arts class and she doesn't know how much I've been doing for this. Plus Michelle is using walnuts to dye paper right now and she was wondering how an iron mordant would effect the color/fastness of the dye. I also picked up some yarn from Stick Chick Designs, she sells really nice undyed yarn really cheap, she seems really nice in general too and wants to see pictures when I'm done. You should check out her etsy shop.

Anyway, I'm going to go collect some dye stuff, go to an Ars Nova meeting, go to class, and then come home and finish my sculpture and french homework, so I better shove off.

Have a good rest of the week and craft it up!

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Deanna said...

That undyed yarn looks niiiiiiiiiiiiice! Your dyeing experiments (I almost spelled that "dying," which would've been bad) also look way more fun than they should be. ;)

I just ordered a ton of color cards from KnitPicks today. I also started the Wavy scarf with that awesome purple stuff I bought.

I'll see you tomorrow! YEEEEEEEE!!!