Friday, October 13, 2006

Trip Ahoy!

Well tomorrow is the big Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago trip (MCA trip). I'm pretty excited/apprehensive/nervous/excited... Did I mention excited! It's the first trip I've organized for Ars Nova and I'm really hoping it goes off without a hitch... Hopefully. There are some certain people who are being a thorn in my side, but I'm going to just put that aside, bring my knitting, a sandwich, and just enjoy my time in the Windy City. We are going to end the day with a theatrical performance called Super Vision at the MCA, which is so exciting! My friend from Oak Park (Deanna) is going to meet us up there and it's always good to see her. So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well.

In other news, I've been so tired that I haven't been able to work on my own paintings lately at all, so I'm hoping, by posting this underpainting, it will get me to take some next steps and show you some actual progress.
I found the picture I took of the fabric that my friend Deb sent to me a bit ago (thank you again by the way).
I also started knitting again, I haven't for about a week (gasp)! So I'm working on the heel gusset on my second sock (I'm finally getting over the second sock syndrome), put another inch on my sweater (only two more inches to go til the shoulder shaping), and pulled out the wavy line sweater and I'm going to start the front. So lots of knitting progress, I will post some photos of that and Chicago on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

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Zann said...

Oy, I just left a rather long-winded, clever-ish comment, but somehow it seems to have disappeared into the hopefully this one posts. I'm not very good at blogging yet....obviously. Anyway, I just wanted to express my excitement over your gig in Chicago & I hope you are loving it a lot. Also, I wanted to say that I often just pop onto your blog when I need inspiration & you never let me down -- you've got so much going on & so much information that is right up my alley. Today I'm feeling paralyzed by the thought that it's Saturday, my NONwork day, and I can't decide what project to work on & all the stuff I could/should be doing, knowing that what I really need to do is just PICK something for godsake & start creating it. I was most intrigued with your latest dying experiments -- something I am very eager to learn more about, but so far I've only ventured with Rit dye (I know, pretty lame) and red cabbage & coffee grounds. The more sophisticated dye techniques tend to intimate me thus far, because I envision either blowing up my very small kitchen or asphixiating myself with some toxic concoction. Or a brew that eats a hole in the bottom of my dye pot. I see zillions of books, but they all look a little too advanced for the wary beginner. Suggestions???
Oh, also love your paintings...very intense and interesting. Well, enough for now, I gotta get off my butt & go get to it...even if just means getting my workroom better organized. Oh, I just scored some great lavender to fill little pillows I'm stitching ahead for the holidays. Other projects include starting my October quilt block. I'm hope to do some teapot images by scanning them into my Epson printer (my biggest splurge this past summer & at a great price w/ the rebate -- I absolutely love it) & onto canvas.
Also some nice pieces of turqoise I'm making into necklace & earrings with silver wire.
Keep up the great work, enjoy, be well.
Suzanne (fellow block swapper)