Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Or Tofurkey Day for some of us! Hehe. So sorry I didn't post yesterday, what was I thinking anyway? I worked all day and then left straight for my parents.... where did getting online and posting pictures fit into that?

Here is the yarn that I dyed on Monday. It's all dry and wonderful. I just love the way that it turned out! I can't wait to dye more. My Mom is letting me clean out the garden (she's glad for the help really). I'm going to grab the tomatoes, cut back the raspberry canes, collect all of the dead mum flower heads, and clear off the sidewalk of walnuts. I should be getting some more yarn on Saturday or Monday and will hopefully dye it Monday or Wednesday night. It's really addictive, I love it so much. Anyway. The sock yarn is still a mess, but as you can see by the little ball I have been making some progress untangling it. I will never again forget to tie it off!

Mr Beuler climbed into a bag of polyfill and brought it all out of the bag and then proceeded to roll and dig in it.... he was being so cute that I took pictures instead of scolding him like I should have... Oh well.... he sure is cute though!

I took a walk with my mom and Annie (my parent's little lady, she's a lab something mix... so cute too)... This picture is all blown out because I was adjusting the settings still but Annie was being so nutty... she's a real goof ball. My mom flings around the leash for the first block or so of the walk and then Annie get out all of her energy flailing around and biting at it and then walks just fine.
These are some other pictures that I took on the walk.Anyway, I'm off to help clean up the house and go collect some more dye stuff out in the yard. Have a happy thanksgiving! Stop eating if it starts to hurt!

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