Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Book loot!

So Jason and I went to the ISU surplus warehouse today and I found some amazing stuff. Mainly there was all this scientific experimental stuff that I would like to just have around for still lives and photo references, but that is not a good enough reason to buy any of it. Jason might actually be able to use it for what it was made for or for parts, but that is his department not mine. They did have a range of affordable dining service stuff that I wanted a ton of, like these little saucers... But I have enough dishes. Jason did decide that I needed a insulated pitcher to put my hot water in for tea so it won't go cold, or coffee for the same reason and it was only $3! What a deal. I also scored 5 books at 25 cents each, amazing price, and that is what I have pictured here.

This is a German book that I found, why the library decided to get rid of a book printed in the 1920's I will never know, but I don't mind adding it too my library. The font look pretty old and I love the illustration on the front. I think I might photocopy it and make a monotype print from it. Jason's old roommate just got back from being in Germany for a year and has become fairly proficient in speaking/reading it, so I'm going to ask him to translate at least the title for me.

This is an old book on drawing outdoor (which for the record I already know how to do), but I do have a fondness of old "how-to draw/paint/make art" books. This one has some pretty nice illustrations.
This is a French book I found called Image de l'homme (image of man or man's image). It is actually a student version so there is vocab in the back and footnotes for complex parts of the text, even if it is dry reading, it would be helpful to my studies so I picked it up too.

I also found a book on historical images of Pakistan... It has amazing illustrations and old looking maps in it... A whole mass of visual references and inspirations. I can't wait to have time to read some of the text.
I also found this book about Leo, who is a late bloomer and his parents are waiting for him to bloom and than he finally does. It reminded me a lot of when I was a kid, not the drawing part, but the reading and writing and messy eating (I am still a messy eater). My mom used to call me here little mum (the flower), because she said it just takes me a little longer to bloom, but I'm just as beautiful (mum's are one of her favorite autumn flowers). I wasn't able to read more than a word or two together until I was about 10 year old, but by age 12 I was reading complex books by adult standards and even now I hold reading very dear to me and read everything I can, fiction and non-fiction alike.

I also want to show you a picture of Jason and I's lovely little lady.... She has no feet! Oh no!
She's actually been pretty sick lately with an ear infection, but after being on some meds for 2 days she is doing a lot better. The infection was causing a lot of waxy build up, sneezing, and coughing. She also got her shots, but she was about the best cat I've ever seen at the vet, Jason didn't even realize that they had stuck her because she stood so still. What a good little kitty!

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