Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain.... today!

Well, I was supposed to be heading off to a vegan bbq this afternoon, but even though it's been nice all week, the clouds decided to spew out some rain today. So it goes, it will most likely clear up around 4pm, after the bbq is due to be over. So what to do instead... hmmm... I think I will get that package ready for my secret swap knitting, tea loving pal... long name right.. hmm that will give me a good excuse to go look at all the teas in the bins at the co-op here in town and possibly take a trip to the yarn shop (my stash is kind of small and all the yarn that isn't heading for a project is not heading for a project because it's kind of cheap crappy yarn). I'm not going to send her yarn that I got for 25 cents at the county thrift market... it's some kind of wierd acrylic/nylon, 1960's yarn from rochelle, il... oddly enough that is the next town over, hmm.... it is kind of soft actually... no, she deserves better!

Oh and I made a new banner for my quilt block swap, but i'm unfortunately without photoshop right now so I can't make it the right size, how lame. maybe I could post it here.... nope, totally didn't work, the file is just too big. I guess it will have to wait. I do have a picture of one of the squares that I made for my first ever! How exciting! The whole quilt was made from scrap fabric and old clothes, I made it for my boyfriend who lives far away in the tundra of Iowa. This is his favorite square, he took the picture and sent it to me. This square was made from some old pj's, some boxers from when I was in junior high, fabric I found at the thrift store, and the purple is fabric that was left over from a dress my grandma made for one of her porcline dolls (she made victorian style dolls and all of their clothes, so when she died I recieved all of her sewing things, fabric, and tons of lace.... I really miss her). Along the bottom of the picture you can see some green and red. The red is left overs from a baby blanket my mom made for a neighbor and the green was from the first dress that I ever tried to make. Tried and didn't finish... hehe... I made a moch up of it and spent so much time on that that I never got to the material I was supposed to be using. I should have just jumped into, but I was only 10 or so and didn't know any better. Excuse the poor quilting stitches, it was my first quilt after all.

Hmmm... so I'm leaving on vaction in a day, but you will not notice the differnce except fewer posts over the weekend, but on Monday I'm going to try to start whipping my blog into shape. I will have update pictures of my projects and by Wednesday I will have my up and running. There is a link to that on the side bar. There is also a link the the quilt block swap. I'm getting a little better at html, it's taking me awhile to remember it, I haven't really tried too hard since highschool! (6 years ago!).

I have a few different things in the works for my store, but it's a suprise, so check it out on Wednesday!

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