Sunday, May 21, 2006

Marking up some bookmarks

So I print my first set of bookmarks up. They will be up for sale at my store (Kristin.Roach.Originals) for $1.50 plus 50 cents shipping and handling. I will be posting them tomorrow (they need to finish drying). Here is a picture of the unlaminated set and a test print.
I also swung by a quilt store here in Ames, it was huge! There were so many cute fabrics and books and things and things and things... I had a hard time not spending all my money there, but I managed to escape with only a half of a yard, I think it's the fabric I'm going to focus my quilt on, green and cat's playing music! Here's a picture!


Anonymous said...

Hey K. Roach It's Emily Busha your mom told me to check out your blog. and I did. sounds like things are good. we miss you.
my blog is here

Anonymous said...

Oh the internet, this is Jordan Cory. Also stopped by to check on your site.

Kristin said...

So Jordan, why don't you just e-mail me, I do wish I could talk to you directly. I do not even know where you are living any more, are you away at Uni?