Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grand Opening tomorrow!

So I'm gearing up for the grand opening of my online store tomorrow. I have only two things to sell right now, but that's the plan. Why? Because I'm going to introduce a new one of a kind items or replenish stock every Wednesday and I will introduce a new type of item once a month, I will decide the premire date later, most likely the second wednesday of every month, that way it will not interfere with getting the quilt block swap members info sent out the first of every month (which I will be sorting out for a few days i'm sure, those things always take more time than you expect them to).

I also made a new banner for my blog, but have yet to figure out how to actually make it my banner, I'm just figuring out how to use html, but that is a night time after dark activity. Right now, I'm going to go outside and play.... with power tools!

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