Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Idea #11!

So, I've been on this kick of ways to get use all of my scrap material and yarn. I'm trying not to buy more supplies or at least a very limited amount for the rest of the summer. So idea #11! Now this idea involves people getting involved, and i'm not sure if anyone even reads my blog except my family, but if you do and if you are out there and if you like to quilt this post is for you!

Back on track now, so idea #11, basically what I would like to do is get together a group of quilters who are not obsessive complusive and arrange a quilt block swap!

Basically this would entail signing up, making 2 quilt blocks, and send them to another quilter. You will also recieve 2 quilt blocks from another secret swap pal. At the end of the month I will redistribute the names and you will make and recieve another 2 quilt blocks. They will all be the same size, but you can use any pattern you want or no pattern at all.

Let me know what you think.... I just need a little feedback before I take a leap of faith like this.

Until next time!

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