Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cat Attack!

Jason and I have an indoor cat named Molly (mostly his cat because she live with him in Ames, but I helped rescue her and help him take care of her as much as I can from afar). She loves to go outside, but we really can't trust that she will come back or not get killed, so we take her on walks like someone would their dog. She's become quite a good little walker. We decided to take her for a short walk the other night because it was so nice out and kind of hot inside. We were going along just fine and she dropped, tail flat on the ground and looking pretty scared. I bent over to see if she was okay and when I glanced up there was a huge cat (I mean small long haired mountain lion really) coming at us from between the parked cars. I have been around cats my whole life and have seen many cat fights, but usually if a person comes up and makes a noise, the other cat tends to run off or at least stand down. You can imagine my surprise when this cat not only kept growling and hissing, but continued to approach. Molly has only hissed once in the year that we have had her so to hear her start to growl and hiss back was really surprising too. The other cat moved in for the attack and Molly crouched down for the defense... The big cat sprang, but before he could get a claw on her I grabbed her up and out of harms way (this cat would have kicked her butt, she may be young and with claws, but not only has she never been in a fight, but she was on a leash which is kind of a disadvantage). The big cat was pissed! He then decided that if he could not fight with Molly, he would pick a fight with me! He lunged at me, claws out, and thank goodness I was not wearing a skirt! He grappled onto my thigh and waist hissing and spitting what I'm sure were nasty cat words. Jason pulled him off and we ran away... Yes, two full grown humans ran away from a cat! I set down Molly when we were closer to the house and looked at my arms, they were covered in claw cuts from my fingers to my shoulders. All in all Molly was fine, but I ended up with 4 wounds worthy of band-aids and many more long scratches.

Here is a picture of how it went.


Karen said...

That sounds horrifying. I was unfortunate enough to come between two fighting cats when I was younger (one of them was mine) and more than 20 years later I still have the scars from it. The other cat ripped open the back of my leg and sunk his teeth into the same leg just below my knee.Thank goodness he didn't get ahold of my cat and do any damage.

Rebecca said...

Wow Kristin - I'm glad you were brave enought to get Molly out of the way. What a crazy experience! Did you hear about that attacker cat in the news that's on house arrest because it keeps attacking neighbors? I'm sorry to hear about your war wounds but it's good that it was relatively minor compared to what could have happened to Molly!

Anonymous said...

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