Friday, May 19, 2006

Vacational Bliss

Ah, the three week break, how wonderful. I've been enjoying my jobless/schooless vacation in Ames, IA thus far. It's been really productive. I've posted my pattern for sale, started a quilt block swap, made two book holder proto types, cooked, cleaned stuff, played with power tools, I'm almost finished with my first sweater (the somewhat cowl from knit and tonic), almost finished with my second water bottle sling, and tomorrow I'm going to go exploring on my bike in ames. It should be fun. It's been nice having a cat around and jason for that matter. Here is a picture I took this afternoon of him and our funny little lady (she actually likes laying like this i swear!).

I have also learned how to purl correctly, which is good and I also learned how to knit backwards. Now why would knitting backwards be useful? When making a 8 stitch strap for my water bottle sling and being to lazy to turn my work.

I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby for two things and happened upon the clarance section... and oh what a section it is. This is what I ended up taking home. I personally felt that I had great restraint. I was really excited about finding the megentia block print ink for 2.40! I think I will have to experiment with that tomorrow (after my ride of course). The square buttons were really great to find too, I think they will be perfect for the blouse I'm going to make when I get back to my apartment (no sewing mechine here this time).

Oh, I almost forgot! After stressing out about grades this semester and disliking my professors and thinking that I am bad at French... I earned straight A's! After all my hard work in school, at work, and at home I was able to do it! How exciting right? I guess I really do well under pressure. I was going to school full time this semester and working 20-30 hours a week, sometimes more, plus reading and knitting and other things that have occupied me that have nothing to do with school. What a relief! I thought that this semester would kill my gpa and instead it helped it.

Well, I'm off to bed... and to listen to the rain, I do love that sound. It's one I can never get sick of, it just better not rain tomorrow, I want to ride my bike!


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kimmr said...

Well, I finally got myself updated on your blog. It's great. I love the picture of Jason and Molly. You have a lot of wonderful ideas. Congratulations on the grades. I know you worked hard for them. I hope you get many hits and many people interested in buying from your store. Good luck.