Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ars Nova Art and Craft Sale!

Alright! So the Art and Craft Sale went off without a hitch today. We had at least 20 vendors and I even put out some of my vinyl wallets so I guess I was a vendor too! I actually sold about 1/2 of my wallets in the first two hours (I only made 12 so it's not that many), but I'm not sure how many sold in the rest of the day so I'm going to whip up a few more tonight and put them out in the morning. There were so many neat things, I've set aside all of my misc money for the past week and this week so I can buy some stuff. I have my eye on a little ceramic dish with a bug on it and a circular quilted zipper pouch.... There is fun fabric on the outside and then a recycled cabled sweater on the inside, it's so neat (nice job heidi). I took some pictures of the crazy wallet making that was going on last night, but I am going to have to wait to post them until Saturday. I'm not going to be posting on Friday, so Saturday it will be instead. (I have to work for 10 hours and then drive to Ames... Yeah to Ames! I get to see Jason, so exciting!). Anyway, I have to give a presentation in my art history class tomorrow so I better get on it!

Have a good week! Craft it up!

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