Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today is a day.

Well it is and there is no lying there. I do have some stuff to show you/tell you about, which is kind of exciting for me. Unfortunately not as much as I had hoped, my camera is out in the car, and well, it's realllly cold, so maybe tomorrow more pictures for everyone.

First off the art and craft sale was a smashing success and we are thinking that we will have another one next semester. Over $1000 worth of art and craft was sold in two days... and because we (Ars Nova) wasn't taking a cut of that, it all went to the art students who participate, which makes me feel really good about the whole thing. I personally sold 7 wallets total, I had to make some more and bring them in for the second day, which made me happy. Anyway, so I do have 6 left over, but they aren't that nice, hence they did not sell... so I think I'm just going to pitch them (I was having issues sewing them so the stitching is reallllly messy, I am not so proud of that). Here is the one that I kept for myself.

Jason built a light box for product shots and this is our first round of experimenting with it.

Now that I finally have the hang of sewing with vinyl I will be making more of these, but I will be using my own photography instead of from a magazine. I don't want to get hit up for copyright infringement.

Anyway, this is one of the things that I bought from one of the other vendors there, it's the little bag I wanted, it didn't sell by the beginning of the second day so it's mine now!
I also bought the little white dish with a red bug on it, that I also told myself, if this doesn't sell I will buy it... so it's mine too.

In other randomness, I have decided not to resubscribe to ArtNews... and am thinking about subscribing to Cabinet instead.
Well, that's all I've got right now, it looks like we might be heading out soon and dinner is needed before then. Have a good weekend!

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keri said...

The pictures look great in the lightbox, I had seen the tutorial online and was thinking of giving it a try.