Monday, November 06, 2006

specifially at one site

So I turned in my portfolio for my mid term fiber arts project today. I'm not going to try to explain its meaning or anything like that, it would be longwinded and partly bs... I will just show you the pictures instead.

And here are some pictures of me working on it, taken by my mom who was really great and helped me put up and document the who piece.

(It was really windy)

Anyway, I need to send out the quilt block swap partner info right now, so I better push off. Don't forget to check out the new pattern on crafty leftovers, it's a travel sized tissue holder. I know I'm getting the sniffles all over the place!

Have a good week!


keri said...

How interesting to see the pictures from your display. It looks like it was a little crazy setting it up! =)

D said...

Far prettier than TPing a tree! Lovely work, dear.