Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hi a little early....

Haha, not blog for a week, whatever.... I'm so excited about my yarn that I dyed last night I just had to tell you all about it! It is the most beautiful shade of pale sage green! I really had no idea what I was going to get with it because I had never used leaves for dyeing before... the book said avocado green, but honestly I like my result much better!

Also, I wanted to post today because I wanted to test out the paypal button feature... I just signed up for a merchant account... So I decided I would offer up the little travel tissue holder for sale. If you want it, it's your's. I will remove the button when it sells... or if it doesn't at all in a week then I will make someone I know buy it to test out the button.

And it is reversable, so here is the other side:
Tissue included with purchase $3.50 + $1.50 S&H

Also, just so you know, I'm going to make a bunch of the catnip pillows next week and will be putting those up for sale as well. Most likely on Wednesday or Friday. And I'm also starting a mailing list that will let you know when items go up for sale, art show announcements, and special offers for mailing list members only. Just shoot me an e-mail at kristinroachoriginals@gmail.com with "Mailing List" in the subject.

Have a good day!

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