Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pish Posh and Paint

Well, no images of the crawling plaster body yet, I'm going to snap some in class tomorrow. Instead, just 9 little mixed media paintings that I did tonight. I had a pretty harsh crit today. They didn't like my idea, so I have to re-evaluate what I am doing for it... something similar, but different. I need to make it more potent.... anyway, I decided instead of hem hawing it out tonight and worrying about whether or not it was good enough, I would just do some little paintings instead... well collaged paintings. I made 13 total tonight, 4 are still drying, i will post those Friday. I'm really excited, it's been awhile since I painted and enjoyed myself. I think I'm just going to keep making them until.... well... until I don't want to anymore.

Some details about them: They are all aprox 4"x 6", mixed media (acrylic, fabric, wood glue, string, other stuff laying around), all on illustration board.

The colors are a little off, but pretty close.

In other news my friend Jill, the most neat-o lady ever, called me up and she is going to be showing some of her photography Dec 2 in Davenport.... anyone around that area should totally come out for it. I'm going to be there. E-mail me for details. Also she said that I might be able to get in... so I might have a show too... which would be so nice. DeKalb is kind of a cess pool as far as show going is concerned. Okay, so not to rant too much... but there are only about 4 gallery spots in DeKalb worth showing at... and every grad student and BFA candidate is trying to get a spot in one of those four spots and everyone from faculty to BFA candidates send out huge guilt trips if someone tries to get a show who doesn't need it. So after being here for over a year I have been too much of a wuss to thumb my nose and say screw you to the art community here.... what kind of show would that be even if I did, without some kind of showing up of the art community, it wouldn't be much of show now would it.... anyway... that's my rant.

I figure that I will try to get some shows around my old town and then next summer when I move to the Chicago area I will show at some galleries there. I'm really wanting to work up a bit of a reputation before I head up there. So that way the curators won't laugh when I submit proposals... it's really competitive. Anyway, it's 11pm and my bedtime. Have a good night.... oh yeah, one last thing... A new Crafty Leftovers Pattern will be going up on Friday... Late.... look for it Saturday.


Deanna said...

I do have a suggestion...why not start your own gallery space? You could surely find some other frustrated artists in the area who want to show their work and have no venues to do so who'd be willing to go in with you on it. Why not thumb your nose at people who consider you extraneous?

Kristin said...

Ah, but that would involved making a commitment to this town, which I have no intention of doing. I actually would like to start up a gallery space once I finish my MFA. I would like to start it somewhere that I know I will be for at least 4 or 5 years.... DeKalb though... well... I'm out of here at the end of next summer. I suppose I can't expect them to be commited to me, when I'm not to them, hehe.

Deanna said...

It doesn't have to be for forever, you know...and if other people are involved, they can take over once you leave, and bring some new people in. It's too bad you don't have a garage or something, that'd be pretty sweet. You could even have bands play.

I think part of me wishes I still lived in a small town and had the means to do something like that. :)

Kristin said...

hmmm... yeah it would have to involve putting up money to rent a space... because my landlords strictly forbid things like that. And even though this is small townish here space is rediculous to rent and also a bit unavailable, not much is on the market... but maybe I'm just making excuses for my own lack of motivation to do something about the current situation other than gripe about it, haha. I would like to do something, but I have too much going on right now to start something new... maybe there is someone I could push to do it instead. Deanna? Do you want to start a gallery space with me? hehe.

Deanna said...

What about an outdoor gallery! Only set up on nice days in public parks! That would be amazing! And we could sell our wares! And do performance art! It'd be like happenings, but with trees!!!

Kristin said...

Hmmm... I like that idea. But that will have to wait til spring... maybe when I come visit you we can brainstorm.