Thursday, June 29, 2006

Almost done!

So this super secret art project is almost done, it's not really super secret though... I just want to post pictures of the whole process in one post, not just one at a time here and there. Unfortunately I can't take pictures in the wood shop, so no pictures of that, but there will be pictures of test prints and weaving and assembly and than the final project, which is sure to look nice.

I'm actually down to the line here, I have finished all the "art" part of it and am now just working on the hanging and presentation, which equals a lot of time in the wood shop for me. I love making things out of wood, it gives me a refreshing feeling of "look, I made this, and i am going to use it." It was funny, my instructor gave me a talk about good craftsmanship yesterday (after I had told her about all the woodworking I was going to do for this), and how "you can have a really nice piece and than destroy it with poor workmanship, you know, split wood and crooked hidges, the little things" and than she saw the look of horror on my face because that is one of my pet peaves, maybe I'm old fashioned, but i'm not going to muddle up my work with not putting hidges on right and I happen to be fairly proficient at wood working. I mean, i'm not amazing, but I do know how to put two boards together so they make a 90 degree angle, and how to measure. So she said something like "well I'm not sure how you work, but I have seen a lot of students ruin really nice pieces by presenting it poorly." Which I do have to give her that, I've seen it a lot too.

So we have our first critique today, and than 3 working days, and than our final critique one week from monday. This class has come and gone, it's been fun so far. I think I will take 400 and 401 this way too, you know, during the summer. I like it short and concentrated, it keeps me focused. During the semester they don't give me enough to do so I end up taking on my own projects and just throwing together the projects for class. So it goes I guess. Two much down time is actually what caused me to pick up knitting, it's something I can do while I read and I can take it anywhere with me. I think I am going to lay off the knitting for a bit though and start drawing more, I've really enjoyed this class and I think I want to make a point to work on art for at least one hour a day... my own art, not art for school. This kind of plays into the idea of having a show every sememster or once every 4 months. The work I produce at school tends to suck because 1. the assignment are restrictive and annoying 2. I don't put enough value into it so it is done poorly 3. it's just random, there is nothing that really goes together. So another one of my goals is that every assignment that I get (I'm taking 3-d forms in fiber, sculpture, and painting II) I'm going to tie into a theme so that way I can show them in the spring as one group that makes sense. Anyway, I'm full of coffee so I'm typing as fast as I'm thinking so there is a lot for you to read and I'm not sure if it's any good, so if you get all the way to here, I will apologize for the spelling and the grammer and i'm sure missing words or letters here and there.

Have a good thursday!

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