Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knitter's Tea Swap!

So I came home from a three week vacation feeling kind off lonely (returning to an empty apartment with no Jason around is kind of tough the first couple times) and I found the most wonderful suprise! My package from my swap pal came and she spoiled me roiten! So, not only did she give me sock yarn in colors that I love, but she some how managed to get me my favorite tea that the republic of tea makes! I love ginger peach and i love loose leaf! She also managed to pick out some of my favorite goodies (I'm guessing she must be near a trader jo's), I love dark chocolate and carmal corn. The carmel corn tastes like it has some cyanne peper in it... so tastey, just a bit of spice! But for some reason she decided that all this was not enough and also got me a gift certificut to jo ann's for $15! What a suprise that was! How exciting! And I just happened to get a coupon in the mail to Jo Ann's for 40% off one item, that worked out so well. Thank you so much to Kathy over at Kniti Gator, you kick some serious butt my friend!

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Kathy said...

Oh yea!!! I'm so glad that you like everything! It was fun to put it all together!