Saturday, June 24, 2006

Work in Progress

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally put together what will hopefully be my gallery site for my art work. Jason said he would help me with the code and such to make it operational... well... he said he would write it for me if I designed it. So I whipped up a design in no time at all. I think this will actually be my store for my artwork too... etsy is nice, but I would like to cut out the middle man and most of the hits I get on the store come from this site, so they aren't doing much for me. I figure I will just put things up for display at first and than put in the selling features later, it will be easier to manage. Here is a little preview of what it will look like:

So that is roughly what is will look like and the little bird will move to the next or previous set of thumbnails. You will be able to order prints of selected works, some originals, and anything else that I feel like putting on there. Also, eventually, I will add a Events page to list past and upcoming events and openings where my work is featured. Hopefully it will be all finished up by the time I have my first DeKalb show. I'm researching the woman's center here and it looks like a good match, the only thing is that they have funky hours for their gallery so the opening would really be the only chance to sell. I've been talking to my instructor about other places to contact regarding showing my work and the conversation we had was kind of funny. I look fairly young and keep in mind that this is a drawing class that has 301 - 600 levels in it and I am in the lowest level, so she is expecting me to know a whole lot of nothing about showing/selling my work, granted I have a lot to learn, but I'm not stupid. She suggested a dorm, a "gallery" in a garage of an instructor, and a "gallery space" (a glass case in the hall) of the student center. I don't think anyone has really sold anything out of any of these spaces, so no thank you. I mean, I'm not all about sales, but it would be nice to have the chance of one. Once she realized that I was serious and that I had showed my work before, one of which was solo, and I had sold work before she finally gave me some names. So it goes. She couldn't just look at my work and say here is what you need good luck/give it your best shot, she had to know that someone else had already given me a chance and than it was okay for her to. It almost makes me want to become a compulsive lier and tell her that "oh yeah, one of my works got into the MCA in chicago, I sure am a prodigy" I actually had an artist friend awhile back that spread a rumor about himself that he had gone international and had shows in Cuba, France, Spain, New York, London and Chicago... maybe I should too. Hehe, that would be a hoot!

I'm being kind of disgruntled about the whole thing, but as long as I keep on task it will be fine. That's why plans are good to have. They help you to keep working toward you goal with little steps so it doesn't seem so impossible. Which having a show in 3 months in the gallery of my choice and than having a show once every three months for the next year or so is seeming to be right now, but that is my goal and I have a plan, so it will work. It's just hard when the instructors around here are so "what are you doing thinking you can have shows when you are only a junior, that's not allowed, no... it's not normal!" Their complete lack of confidence in undergrads is astounding, but I suppose that's because they let just about anyone into the painting program, it's like the degree for those who messed up in other majors. I'm so used to my old professor Jeanne sending me links for "Call for entries" saying "Kristin, you should do this, you need to get your work out there" It's so sad her not being around, I miss her something terrible. She's a great woman and most likely the biggest influence on my life. Anyway, enough being disgruntled about the NIU instructor's complete lack of confinence and involvement in their students, on to better things.

Look what I found at work in the basement, and that my boss said I could have! It's a Three-Dimentional Travel Treat! And I can "Take Magic Carpet Tours of the Countries of the World!"

I really want to go travelling soon.... like to Scotland or France! I should have a show there! They don't know I'm a nobody, hehe. Well, I'm going to finish up those quilt blocks and do some sketches for my block carvings, goodnight all!

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keri said...

I love your design, very pretty and clean looking. Can't wait to see your new site up and running!