Saturday, June 17, 2006

Suprise Visit... kind of.

Well, everything for the past couple of days was put on hold. I was swept away in a dream for a bit, but I'm back. Basically, I flipently said to Jason, "you should come visit me tomarrow" and he said "okay" and I was like "okay? really" and he was like "I don't see why not." I haven't seen him for two weeks and we didn't have plans for a visit until mid July (because of me working and being in school) so it was really a pleasant suprise that it worked out so well. And, even better, he came early and showed up at my work with a dozen long stem roses..... so pretty! What can I say, I'm a sucker for romance. He really made my day, I sure do love him. It was a quick visit, but well worth it and I'm so glad he made the trip. I will take post a picture of the flowers later today, but no time for that now. So here is a picture of Jason instead.


keri said...

How wonderful! What a lovely weekend!

Kristin said...

It was soooo lovely! hehe!