Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rain Today.... meh.

So it rained all this morning, no park time for me and the little guy, oh well. So instead I started and finished a washcloth from the Mason-Dixon Book... I want that book so badly. It is not only a mess of great patterns, but it also has wonderfully funny and insightful commentaries for each pattern. Almost all the patterns have to do with things you would use around the home such as washrags, blankets, and rugs.... my favorite things! And of course, once I really got into my washcloth making, it stopped raining and sun came out... those jerks, threw my whole morning off! hehe, not really, it was nice to sit and knit and drink some tea and listen to some good ol' npr this morning. Here is a picture of the view out the window that i sit at while playing on my computer (the only reason that I am able to spend so much time on it at all is that i can feel like I'm practically sitting outside under a tree and can see the neighborhood kids playing baseball in the park across the street).

Oh, a note on the washcloth. I finished it, but because I was using some sugar n' cream cheap-o yarn and some really, almost like jute string wool. I desided to just make it half the size since I end up folding my washclothes into forths anyway. Also because of the jute sting wool it's almost like a scrubby pad... which is good and is actually what I was planning on... strange, it actually worked! Hehe, that's rare. Anyway I'm thinking about cutting it in half and sending the other half to my mom or something like that... I'm not sure.... Reusable scrubby pad, now that is a good thing! I go though so many of those with all the crusty pans I was (I'm getting better at washing them right away, so it's not so bad).

Well I'm off to the post office to send out some packages (a present for Jason, IA and a present for Jessica, VA).

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