Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My heart is all aflutter!

So, I have not been able to get online all day! The horror, hehe, it really wasn't so bad, but I did want to mention the new projects that I'm working on in my Intermediate Drawing II class. But first! I did obtain a lap loom and a PRINT Gocco over the weekend! And just to prove it here are some pictures.

So, there, that is proven because that is my ugly carpet. Hehe. Anyway, art project. It's really so exciting, I'm really enjoying this class. Basically it's an upper level drawing class that is a semester concentrated into 3 weeks, really only 12 working days and 2 days for critique. The class lasts officially from 7:30 A.M. - 1 P.M. Yikes! But my instructor said that's crap and said that class starts unofficially at 8:30 A.M. She then informed us that because she was not going to buy anything for the class, we could have our studio fees back by going to the book store and we could all spend $40 on art supplies! Yeah! So I decided to get a staple gun, 2 carving chisels, and a roll of vellum that is 5 yrds long! How exciting.

My instructor also told us that we needed to type up our project proposals for the class. So I decided to work on two series. The first one will explore patterns found in nature or just patterns inspired my nature, and all though that is not very straight forward I do have a definite direction, but it would be easier just to show you the pictures when it is finished.

The second series is going to explore the difference between art and craft and it will hopefully end up in a gallery space at it's completion. The problem is that there are not really any galleries around here. For this project I am going to create 12 woven textiles and then use a printing process. They will then be hung and weighted with wooden rods. The point of this is that there are many people that are more proficient at weaving than me, but people have no problem touching and exploring the feel of the textile that they create. By placing my little woven swatches on a gallery wall and calling them art, even if I invite people to touch them and feel the fabric that I have created, they will be reluctant because it is art and it is therefore not to be touched.

This is a drawing I made of how it will hang.

I finished the first 4 woven textiles today and am almost done with the fifth. They don't look so great right now, but they need to have the ends cleaned up and the bottom weighted, plus they all need their own hanging system, but this rod will keep them off the floor and away from Mr B.

So that is all for today. Back to work! Or should I say back to art making!

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