Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Morning at the Park

So Mr Beuler and I went to the park this morning. It was so nice, not too hot, nice and sunny with lots of shade provided by the trees. I fiddled with my camera while the little guy dug around in the dirt. Here are some test shots using different shutter speeds and f-stops.

Here is Mr Beuler after running around for an hour, he was so tired, but "I will keep my eyes open, I am not going to miss anything"

And here he is when I was trying out the macro lens

So then after this little trip, I decided to work on my projects a bit. Here is a picture of the baby afghan and also my wavy line sweater. I actually only have 3 more squares to finish before I start crocheting them together. I'm going to trim each one in a row of single crochet and then crochet those together with either red, yellow, or one of the greens, I'm not sure yet.

So, that's been my day so far, I have a lot more to do today though. Mainly I want to finish my essay on the book that I read (What Happened to Art Criticism?) for my other blog Ambitious Indiscriminate Reading. It's almost finished, I'm not guarenteeing that it will be the best read in the world, but it's an okay summary of the book. I am also going to block my sweater, oh boy! Well that's it for me today.

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