Sunday, June 11, 2006

So drowsy and it looks like rain

Somedays, it just seems like it should rain, but then it just doesn't. It's cool outside today and overcast and there is just something in the air that makes me want to nap. My parents are visiting today and they are napping! Why am I not? I guess I just don't want to, I'm trying to go to bed early and get up early because of my class starting next week. I have to be at school at 7:30 A.M.! Geeze! And it goes until 1! And than I go straight to work until 6 P.M.! Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, so in attempts to not fall asleep I am going to pull together a post. First, I can across some really cute paper dolls that Hillary Lang came up with that you can download as a pdf. You print them out on card stock or magnetic paper (so you can put them on the frig). They are so cute! You can find them at her blog Wee Wonderfuls. She also offers some free patterns to download for softies and I think she also has a little book of patterns that she sells. Her stuff is amazing.

I am part of the Sew? I knit! sew along. The last one was a tote... which I made... and now it's a shirt. I am kind of tentative about making a shirt, I mean... there's all those button holes... and bust darts... oh wait! I'm being a ninny! I remember now, I made a corset, I can make anything!

Hopefully this additude will get me to make the thing. I've had the material for a year now and the pattern for about 3 months. I just need to figure out how to make button holes and get over my fear of it.

I also never posted my finished painting that I showed me working on awhile ago. Well here it is:

And now it is time to do the dishes and start dinner.

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