Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pictures in the order that they were taken

So... a little tour of my day with my parents picture style. But first I want to show you what I made for lunch on friday after being inspired by Vegan Lunch Box and also for dinner. The first picture is kind of sushi made with sticky jasmine rice and sun dried tomatoes. Of course with wusabi and soy sauce on the side. I'm not sure what the second dish was, but it had lots of delicious veggies from the farmer's market and some soba noodles... I remember something about adding soy sauce and black strap molasses... and that it was sooooo good!

And then I wanted to show you the actual shirt that I am afraid of sewing.... I repeat, ninny (am I even spelling that right?). Anyway, it's the New Look - Easy Level - 6952 - E or a moderation there of... I want short sleeves... not sleeveless... not long... not three quarter... And on top of that it's kind of bagging on the model. I may need to fix up the bust darts or something... So, a little alteration is in order. No wonder I'm not sure about doing this, haha.

So this is the beginning of our jouney. My mom and I went roller blading and biking. As she was making her way up a hill, I stopped to take a picture of some grass that was covered by the recent rain in water... I then promptly rode hard to catch up, she was a whole lot faster than I expected on those roller blades.

My mom fell during this little trip, which was so difficult... for me! It's been awhile since I've seen my mom take a fall like that. We were needing to pass these two ladies and instead of them moving into one behind the other, they just kind of scooted over, barely a foot on the side of a five foot wide path... and of course that one foot was completely coroded and rocking and my mom hit that patch and thankfully fell into the grass... Anyway, I didn't take a picture of her falling or those nasty ladies.... but I did take a picture of a plant on the side of the path while my mom briskly rolled ahead. She was fine and I was honestly more shaken up than she was.

And I realized water had collected in their leaves so I took a close up of that.

We went and put up my bike and her blades and were almost hit by a stray frisbee... After our shoes were on and our feet safely on the ground we met up with my dad who had discovered a book on my bookshelve that was called "Edible Wildflowers." He asked me "Can I borrow this?" and I said "Sure, it is your's you know" haha, he had totally forgot that went to the camping store and he bought that and than I stole it when I saw it not being used. So, point being he was reading it on the bench by the "river" (creek to me, that is not a river thank you very much). We decided to go into the woods and this is what we saw and he identified as "poisonous", "diretic", "vomit causing", and "edible." I like the last catagory best, although it is fun to see what will make you puke that the book says something like "you should not be deterred from trying new plants because they are puke inducing" well, not quite that exactly, but that's what they meant.

And at last we found something edible that is not toxic or will not make you puke... and what a find! Wild garlic or onions of some sort, I can't remember the exact name. We only took about 5 out of the 20 thousand growing. We also came across a mulberry tree and some wild raspberries. The great thing about this is that it is all only 2 blocks from my house! I love where I live.

We then went to a cafe in Sycamore for sandwhiches and across the street to the farmer's market. We bought... well my dad bought for me... some rhubarb-strawberry jam, purple asparegus (neat right?), lettuce, and some pecan cinnamon bread. I than made them a fabulous dinner that they loved and even had me write down the recipe for them. My dad said it was the best stir fry he has ever had in his life (it was the fish sauce I'm sure, he's a fishy kind of guy... hehe) and my mom said she enjoyed it better than the $40 worth of thai that we had the night before in this nice thai restaurant. I was flattered to say the least. We finished out the day by eating some of the pecan cinnamon bread with butter and than a second slice with the jam.

After they left I became super inspired and made a pattern for the quilt blocks I'm going to send out to my Quilt Block Swap Partner and than I actually pinned and cut all the fabric for them too... Amazing... But I cannot show you that here because I want it to be a suprise for her. I also picked out some fabric for my lunch box cozy... Yes I ordered a laptop lunch box, how exciting! And I went the cheap route, because they are expensive, and decided to get the bare minimum... only the lunchbox with the containers and the small thermos... no sets for me, no pouch, no case, no silverware, no nothing, just the basics. So I'm making my own case. My problem is that I'm going to be taking it to the dirty art school and putting it in my dirty art locker. So which fabric to use? The musical cats that I bought in Ames or the fabric a dear friend let me have for a graduation present? The grey is for the outside.

But I'm really not sure if I like the grey polyester even though it is the most logical fabric that I own for dirty art school situations... Should I make the lining interchangable? Now that would be fun... hmmm.... velcro? buttons?.... Buttons! what fun! Well that's all for now... most likely too much, so if you have gone this far, help be decide which fabric to use and here is a link for you to a site I just found. They have really great stuff for making patterns on and dying fabric. Oh and I'm going to have a new item in my store this Wednesday! Yeah!

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