Friday, June 09, 2006

Updates and Stuff

So! First off are the updates. Mainly, I added a E-mail Kristin link in the side bar so you can email me if you would like. I didn't even think to do this, but after trying to hunt up people's email addresses to invite them to the quilt block swap I realized that it was the smartest thing to just have a link in the sidebar. Secondly, I added a Wish List Link to the side bar, so you can see what I am into right now and hoping to buy have gifted for me. Once at the wishlist site you can also choose to send me anything off the wish list through I also have some pictures to share with you, which I will do now.

As you all have seen I'm in a little bit of a wash rag frenzy. Here is my first one (not blurry this time, I picked out the wrong pic last time I posted it) and my second which I gave to my downstairs neighbors. I actually made a blue variegated one and am working on a hot pink/yellow/orange one that reminds me of strawberry lemonade! I will post pictures of those tomorrow.

I have also stopped selling Avon, officially, no longer in active status, thank goodness. It was just sucking up time and money. I tried to get a hold of someone when I moved here so I could get some kind of support (like I did in Moline) and it just didn't happen. The only time I got a call from them was when I stopped ordering and let my account go inactive (basically it cancels its self out if you don't place orders). And the stuff she was saying, what a load of crap. I finally told her that there was no way I was going to sell Avon because I don't like their products and so I can't pitch them to someone else if I don't believe in it. I told her that I did it out of desperation and yeah I was good at it, but I'm not desperate anymore and I just don't want to sell it. It's not even, "oh I just don't have the time" it's "I just don't want to!" I had to practically hang up on her to get off the phone, it was ridiculous.

So, this is me ceremonially throwing all the Avon stuff into the bin... A whole trash bag full.
I still have many things left over that I'm scratching my head thinking, "There just has to be something I can do with this." For instance, there are the Avon bags in 5 sizes. Paper sacks in sm, med, lg and paper totes in med and lg... What to do with those. Here they are, if anyone has any ideas, just leave a comment, I would appreciate it.
And then there were the special addition fragrance bags... what to do with those? So I decided to cut them into loops, loop the loops together and create a ball of "yarn" to knit with, I was thinking some kind of potato holder or something... I mean Avon has to be good for something... Right? Well this is what I started to make.

I thought I would just make a long band and then fasten it into a square around a base to make a little recycled Avon box. I just hate pitching all this stuff into the trash... It just has to be good for something! This is what it looked like, five bags worth of "yarn," which was quite a bit. It was painful to knit, painful to cast on, painful to bind off, but I finished it.... But what is it....?

I tried to join it like I originally intended.
It looked like some kind of hat.... geeze..... So I ceremoniously threw it in the trash too, it felt good to do so. I think it was some kind of process that needed to take place, like my art side conquering Avon in order to get it out of my life.

I have another problem. I have a few perfectly good Avon products that I'm not sure what to do with. For instance. I have something like 30 cans of bug guard plus aerosol spray with spf 15.... It's good stuff... It works well... But what the heck do I need that much for (I originally had something like 100 cans, but I sold most of them, that was the plan for all of them, but then I moved, so now I'm stuck with 30+ cans of the stuff! There is also lipstick, tons of mascara, which I'm thinking about randomly sending out. I think I have 8 of the daring curves mascara or whatever it's called in black... I don't even wear mascara! Ah! Then there is the random jewelry that they send you and this lotion stuff that is supposed to make your butt cellulite free and firm... Yes they randomly sent that to me too... Seriously, does that even work! I am getting bitter just talking about it. So, what to do with all this stuff, literally just stuff. If you have any ideas let me know, any suggestions welcome, I'm at a loss.

Oh and this is one of Jason's lenses that made me decide to go ahead and get a Nikon so we can share.

It's so great to have a camera again, although I'm probably going a little over kill right now... Don't worry, it will calm down to one or two images a day when a start school in a week. For now though I'm going to enjoy it and practice.... I will not say that I'm a great photographer.... In fact I'm not good at all, but I will get better, just you wait and see! Anyway, I better get going on things, the parents are coming in to town this weekend and I have discovered that Mr B has been storing his food all over the place and I'm afraid it will attract bugs (we already have a spider problem, I don't want ants or cock roaches too!) so it's time to vacuum behind, under, and in everything! And by the way there are about 8 squirrels playing the front lawn and it is sooooo cute! Have a good Friday!

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Kimmr said...

Come to the Quad Cities and go out to the different fishing holes (or even up in DeKalb)and sell the bug spray to the fishermen. Sell some to your mom and dad sister, uncle, cousins, hey Shena's party is this weekend sell it there. The bags, sell them back to other dealers for a real cheap price or use them for gift bags, birthdays, chrisrmas, etc. Hey we could use them for the Awana christmas store. You can donate all to the store and write it off on your taxes. :)